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What we are proud of

  • Customers in 36 countries worldwide are using our HR business software.
  • We did not need any initial investment capital and are therefore 100% self-determined.
  • We make people's everyday work easier.
  • We free people from routine tasks.
  • We make companies more efficient and therefore more competitive.
  • Hundreds of customers and partners worldwide trust and invest in us.
  • We receive appreciation and grow sustainably.

The most successful Microsoft ISV worldwide

We live the challenge of digital transformation and want to change the world together. This passion drives the people at Hubdrive to make the world a little better every day.

Have you ever thought on a long-haul flight that it will never end? The world is simply huge. An infinite number of countries pass beneath you. And in all these countries there is not a single other Microsoft ISV that has been more successful? Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

The Hubdrive team has done a great job across all departments. We see success as feedback that we are doing something valuable. We are proud of that.

We are particularly interested in non-governmental organizations

NGOs want to have a positive impact on society and the environment. However, they have very specific challenges. First of all, they have to manage a large number of employees. However, most of the donations received should be used for actual aid work and not for administration. This means that very efficient personnel management is required.

Health management is also a major challenge. Many helpers, often volunteers, work in countries with a high risk of infection with diseases that have long been extinct in our country. A structured vaccination calendar in the personnel file can make a contribution here.

But finding and retaining employees for aid projects is also a major challenge.

With HR for Dynamics, we are already helping NGOs in many countries. We are proud of that. Perhaps our contribution is only very small. But imagine if our vaccination calendar had contributed to a volunteer returning home healthy. Isn't that a reason to go to the office in the morning?

What employees experience in the company

  • That we are doing something good (Colin, Marketing)
  • That we are professional, more than others (Jason, Microsoft Alliance Manager)
  • That they are challenged, but also supported (Holger, CSM)
  • That they make a positive difference in the world (Daniel, Marketing)
  • That we are faster than others (Agust, Development)

We are proud of our focus values

We understand focus values as the outstanding values that make us unique as a company and which must be an absolute prerequisite in the value system of each individual employee.

They should shape our thoughts and actions. We are committed to them.

We developed them in workshops and many discussions. Then we anchored them in leadership to make them sustainable.

  • Success
  • Transparency
  • Structure
  • Honesty
  • Continuous improvement

Other values that are important to us

  • Helping people, contributing to society, improving the world
  • Enthusiasm for the benefits of digital transformation for humanity
  • The adventure of learning new things
  • Trust and teamwork
  • Passion and enjoyment of new things
  • Financial success
  • Responsibility & self-confidence
  • Professionality
  • Fairness & honesty
  • Flexibility

We care!

The environment is close to our hearts. That's why Hubdrive wants to make a contribution to making our world a little bit better and greener. What does this look like in our day-to-day work?

  • We separate our waste!
    Banana peel, milk carton, champagne bottle from the last company party - we don't put them in the same bag! Sounds simple? It is! All the more reason to take the time to dispose of them.
  • We are a paperless office!
    You can look for paper notebooks, printed documents and folders here for a long time. We work digitally and can access our data from anywhere. This is not only practical, but also saves resources.
  • We use smartHome technologies!
    Okay, in our case it should probably be called smartOffice. In any case, our heating switches off automatically at night and at the weekend. That saves energy and we can sleep more peacefully.
  • We are reducing our server systems and using the Green Cloud!
    We have already reduced the server systems that are constantly running at our company to 10 %. Our goal is to achieve 0%. We have also moved all our data to the Microsoft Cloud, which has been carbon neutral since 2012.
  • We avoid unnecessary travel!
    Hopping on a plane for a short customer appointment or driving halfway across Germany on the highway? We don't think that's necessary. We have developed excellent ways of organizing appointments digitally, professionally and personally at the same time. This saves time and a lot of CO2.
  • We attach great importance to optimized delivery processes
    Not only we, but also our suppliers should avoid unnecessary transportation routes and intermediate stops. For example, our time recording terminals are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the end customer. The configuration for the end customer takes place completely online. This means that we do not have to have the product in our own hands again, thus saving 2 additional transportation routes.