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What makes us proud?

  • 3 years after launch, customers in 36 countries worldwide are using our business software.
  • 3 years after launch, we need no investment capital and are 100% self-determined.
  • We make every day professional life easier for people.
  • We free people from routine activities.
  • We make companies more efficient and competitive.
  • Over 200 partners and over 1000 customers worldwide trust and invest in us.
  • We receive recognition and grow sustainably.

What employees feel in the company

  • That we do something good (Colin, Marketing)
  • That we are professional, even more than others (Jason, Microsoft Alliance Manager)
  • That they are challenged, but also promoted (Holger, CSM)
  • That they do something positive in the world (Daniel, Marketing)
  • That we are faster than others (Agust, Development)

Values that are important to the team and to management

  • Helping people, making a contribution to society, improving the world
  • Embrace the challenge of digital transformation
  • Trust and teamwork
  • Passion and joy for innovation
  • Financial success
  • self-confidence
  • accountability
  • professionalism
  • fairness
  • honesty
  • flexibility