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Let us briefly introduce ourselves

At Hubdrive, we develop the world's leading Microsoft HR software. Every day, people in 36 countries use our HR for Dynamics product - in Europe, North America and everywhere else in the world. Our team is just as international. With us, you will experience a mixture of Silicon Valley and German SMEs!

With our innovative HR solution, we bring the benefits of digitalization to HR departments. Every day, we actively shape how companies will work in the future.

With this strategy, we have grown our turnover, number of employees and global presence by an average of 40+ percent per year over the last 5 years. Benefit from our growth and become a Hubdriver!

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What we are proud of

We live the challenge of digital transformation and want to change the world together. This passion drives the people at Hubdrive to make the world a little better every day.

We need and want people with a hands-on mentality and a passion for what they do. People for whom a job is not just a job, but who want to make a difference.

The Hubdrive team has already achieved a lot in recent years. We are proud of that.

What we are proud of

We haven't reached our goal yet

We want to enable many more companies around the world to benefit from digitalisation. That's why we need you.

We help companies save a lot of working time that can be invested more wisely - in further training, for example. HR for Dynamics gives our customers' employees significantly more convenience and security in their day-to-day work. We are particularly proud of aid organisations - NGOs - that use our HR solution to provide healthcare for their staff, often volunteers. We would like to support many more NGOs with their digitalization.

We want to change the world. That's why we're looking for you. Take a look around here. If you make a good first impression, send us your application.

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11 reasons to join the Hubdrive team

We would like to give you a lot of additional information about Hubdrive that could be important for you in the context of an application.

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If this passion suits you, then it makes sense to look for a suitable challenge here on the career pages.

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Behind the scenes

Are you curious and want to take a glimpse behind the curtains of the departments?

Behind the scenes

You are a newcomer or a career changer?

You are just finishing your studies or training?

We offer trainee programmes in the areas of Sales, Partner Success, Customer Success and Dynamics Developer. You will gain an excellent starting point for your future career with rapid promotion opportunities and exciting salary prospects.

You're already in a job and want to jump onto a whole new career ladder?

Then leave your comfort zone behind. With us, you can dare to do something. We will support you. Discover how much fun change can be and take on a completely new challenge.

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Life is good in Mainfranken

Our company headquarters are located in a pretty city called Würzburg - in the centre of Europe

Silicon Valley has found its home at Hubdrive in beautiful Würzburg, nestled in picturesque vineyards along the River Main.

Find out more about our region here

You can already get to know your future colleagues

We are looking for people with a hands-on mentality and passion for what they do.

People for whom a job is not just a job, but who want to make a difference.

Just like these people.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work without cancellation

Do you currently have a job that you're not completely unhappy with? Is it so much better for you at Hubdrive that you would take the risk of resigning?

You don't have to decide anything today. Nevertheless, you should take action today. Life is finite.

As a next step, why don't we just talk to each other informally? You're welcome to come round, take a look at everything and talk to the team.

You can then make your decision later, with more impressions and information, in peace and quiet at home with trusted people.

This is how an application works for us

Hello, I'm Lydia and I process incoming applications. Would you like to know what to expect when you apply? Take a look, this is how we do it at Hubdrive.

Our application process