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Franziskus Lorey

Franziskus Lorey is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hubdrive.

An impassioned advocate of digital transformation, Franziskus endeavors daily to find ways to help people via the power of new technologies.

With the vision of the development of a software that would help people around the world, Franziskus founded Hubdrive and created HR Management to improve the working lives of employees, even while raising productivity across organizations.

He has a particular interest in assisting NGOs cope with their challenges, such as the organization of a huge workforce on a limited budget, while protecting the health and well-being of their employees and volunteers. Franziskus combines these dual passions of technology and philanthropy by offering personal and business assistance to customers in this sector.

After graduating from the University of Wuerzburg with a degree in Business Administration and Business IT, Franziskus founded the company with his business partner, Bernd Lachner.

A global CEO, firmly rooted in the Franconian region of Germany, Franziskus has a passion for traveling. With his wife, he seeks authentic experiences in other countries and cultures around the world.

Bernd Lachner

Bernd Lachner grew up in an entrepreneurial surrounding ever since his youth. During his schooldays, he enjoyed working in the family business. While studying business administration, he became acquainted with Franziskus Lorey at the chair for business informatics.

In 2002, Bernd Lachner sold his i-te group shares to his co-partners in order to specialize on the CRM and Microsoft Dynamics topics with the newly founded Hubdrive (formerly itara GmbH), together with Franziskus Lorey. As CFO of Hubdrive, Bernd Lachner is responsible for the customer service, product management, finance, HR and IT departments.