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You´ve just moved to Würzburg and want to explore your new town? Don´t know where to start? We asked our team for their suggestions, and compiled this list of everything you need to know about living in Würzburg.

Apartment confirmation from landlord Every landlord has to provide an apartment confimation to their tenant. This is mandated by law. The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung is required to register at the City Hall (Rathaus). Ensure that you are given this before going to register!
Apartment rental costs Apartment costs are advertised either `warm´ or `cold´. Warm/Kalt.
Cold rental price (Kaltmiete) is the basic rent of the apartment.

Warm rental price (Warmmiete) includes your basic rent plus extra costs called Nebenkosten, e.g water, waste collection charges, caretaker etc.

Often, you have to pay extra for utilities, so be sure to ask whether the Warmmiete includes energy. You will have to arrange your energy supplier yourself in this case. See E for ENERGY for more information.
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Bank Account Creating a bank account (Bankkonto) is very easy. You simply go to a bank of your choice and request an account. You will need:
- your passport
- your visa
- your work contract

The largest banks in Germany have several ATMs in every city:
- Sparkasse (Würzburg: Hofstr. 7-9)
- VR-Bank (Würzburg: Marktplatz 2)
- Postbank (Würzburg, Paradeplatz 4 or Bahnhofplatz 2)
Bars Want to hang out in the evening? See here.
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City Hall Rathaus Würzburg

Address: Rückermainstr. 2, 97070 Würzburg

If your apartment is in the city of Würzburg, the City Hall (Rathaus) is the place to go for these services:

- to register that you’ve moved to Würzburg (See R for Registration)
- extend passports
- apply for visa/blue card
- get married
- register your car
- purchase a local parking permit (Anwohnerparkausweis)
- registering new born child etc

Citizens' Office: Important: to save time, you can arrange an appointment on the Würzburg city website:
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Doctor Your first call is generally to your Hausarzt (General Practitioner), for ailments such as stomach ache, sore throat, cold or flu. They will decide if you need to go to a specialist. Ask HR if you need a recommendation for a doctor.

If you need a doctor at the weekend or the evening, see O for Out of Hours Medical Care.
Dallenbergbad A large park with open-air swimming pool, diving pool, children's pool and playarea, kiosk. You can reach it by car (large car park opposite the entrance) or with the tram 5 or 3, direction Rottenbauer-Heuchelhof, or even with the bike.
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Emergency General Emergency Number for Fire and Ambulance: 112
General Emergency Number for Police: 110
Out of Hours Medical service (Germany wide) : 116 117
Paediatric Out of Hours Medical service (Germany wide): 0700/350 700 35 (for children)
Emergency Room (ER) We have 3 maximum care hospitals in Würzburg. If you have a real emergency (such as accident, broken leg, heart attack etc) you either call the ambulance (see "emergency", Tel.number 112) or you drive to the emergency room. There are 3 hospitals with an ER department in Würzburg:

- Klinikum Würzburg Mitte
Standort Juliusspital
Juliuspromenade 19
97070 Würzburg
- Missionsärztliche Klinik
Zentrale Notaufnahme:
Salvatorstraße 7
97074 Würzburg
- Notaufnahme Universitätsklinikum Würzburg
Oberdürrbacher Str. 6
97080 Würzburg
ZIM, Haus A3, Ebene -1

Look for the signs that say NOTAUFNAHME
Elementary school See schools
Energy For most apartments, you have to arrange your energy contract for electricity and gas. This is not done automatically by your landlord.

Generally, apartments are connected to the local energy provider WVV (general energy center of the city). By checking on the internet you can find providers that are a lot cheaper and will save you money, e.g. YelloStrom etc.

You can register with them and they organize the switch from the local provider to the new one. Ask your HR Manager if you need assistance
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Facebook Groups Englisch for All
FairTeiler (Buying and Selling)
FairTeiler (Children's clothes and toys)
Family Allowance Residents of Germany, regardless of nationality, are eligible for Kindergeld. Find out how to apply here

Other helpful links /
Fire General Emergency Number for Fire, Ambulance and Police: 112
Foreigners Office in city hall To extend your visa/work permit you need to arrange an appointment with the Foreigners Office. Depending on where you apartment is located, you either need to go to the Landratsamt (address see letter L) or Stadt Würzburg (details see letter R).
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General Practitioner To extend your visa/work permit you need to arrange an appointment with the Foreigners Office. Depending on where you apartment is located, you either need to go to the Landratsamt (address see letter L) or Stadt Würzburg (details see letter R).
Gym There are plenty of fitness centers in the surrounding area such as McFit. We have favored rates with a gym close to the office. Alternatively, there are many sports clubs that offer various sports such as rowing, tennis, football, badminton etc.
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Health insurance In Germany, health insurance is mandatory. There are various public health insurance companies in Germany. As the cost of health insurance is mandated by law, there isn´t a huge difference in costs, but some companies provide extra services.

The insurance fee is paid on a monthly basis, and deducted from your salary.

If you are married and your spouse doesn´t work, they and your children can be covered by your insurance without any extra charges (Familienversicherung or family insurance).

For details and help with registering at the health insurance of your choice get back to your HR Manager.
Hospital See Emergency Room
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Insurance There are some insurances that are recommended when living in Germany.
- A private third party insurance covers you if you cause damage to the property of someone else. (Private Haftpflicht).
- Household goods covers you if your house is broken into or there is a fire or flood. (Hausrat)

Ask your bank if they offer these insurances. They can also recommend other insurances that you might want.
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Kindergarten (Nursery) Germany provides early years education from the age of 6 months. From 6 months to 3 years, children can be enrolled in a KiTa. (Kindertagesstätte). From 3 years till they go to school at (generally) 6 years, they go to Kindergarten.

Childcare is not free of charge, and the charges vary depending on the Kindergarten. They are generally either run by the church, by the state or by the city authority. There are some private child care providers but these are less common and tend to be more expensive.

As the places in the Kindergarten are in great demand, you have to apply/register and you may have to wait some time before a place is available. The waiting time depends on the location and popularity of the Kindergarten (e.g. it is often much easier to get a place in a small village than in the city).
Kindertagesstätte (KiTa) See Kindergarten
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Landratsamt Würzburg Adress: Zeppelinstr. 15, 97074 Würzburg
If you live in Würzburg Landkreis (i.e. outwith the city boundaries), this is the address to go for visa, Blue Card etc. You can register your card there without waiting for a long time.
(If you lock yourself out of your apartment)
The first step if you have locked out from your apartment is to call your landlord or - if you have one - the facility manager of your building. If they cannot help you out with a spare key, you have to call a locksmith (Schlüsseldienst).

Before you order a lock repair service, ask for the complete final costs on the phone - if they cannot give you a sufficient answer phone someone else!

This is a reliable regional locksmith:

Schuhwerkstatt Simon
Dominikanerpassage 36-38
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0171/806 70 34üsselnotdienst/
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Nightlife Würzburg is a student town. You´ll always find places to meet friends. There are also many (wine) festivals during the summer months.
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Out of Hours Medical Care If you urgently need a doctor at the weekend or in the evening, go to the OOH medical clinic:

There are OOH services in various hospitals, depending on the speciality.

Juliuspital, Juliuspromenade 19, 97070 Würzburg
- General medical assistance
- Dermatology
- Neurology
- Psychiatry

Uniklinik, Building B2, Floor 1, Josef-Schneider-Str. 11, 97080 Würzburg
- Optometry

Theresienklinik, Domerschulstr. 1, 97070 Würzburg
- Chirurgy
- Orthopedics
- Urology

Only call an ambulance if there is an emergency!
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Police General Emergency Number for Police: 110
Public Transport Würzburg has an extensive public transportation system. Make sure you always buy a ticket BEFORE entering a bus, tram or train. If not you will have to pay a fine of 60 € (Don´t bother trying to discuss with the inspector!). You find ticket machines at every tram stop or you can buy a ticket from the bus driver, but this is more expensive than buying a ticket in advance at the machine.
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Radio/TV License In Germany you must pay a license for any radio, TV and PCs on which you can watch movies. This is mandatory and non-compliance will result in a fine.

Normally, you receive a letter from the organization responsible, or you can register online
Registration The very first thing you have to do when you move to a new city is to register at the town hall. This is mandatory and must be done within a week of moving here.

Depending on the location of your apartment, you either go to the Rathaus Würzburg (see R Rathaus) or the the City Hall of the village/town in which you live.

They will provide you with all neccessary information. By registering at the Rathaus, the process of receiving a tax ID (see S Steuerklasse or F Finanzamt) will be automatically initiated. You will need the following documents:

- passport
- visa
- Wohnungsgeberbestätigung (See Apartment confirmation from landlord)

IMPORTANT: Always double-check to be sure they initiated the process for the tax ID!
Resident Parking Permit If you live in an area of Würzburg where parking is only permitted for residents, you´ll need to go to City Hall for your Resident Parking Permit.
Restaurants There are hundreds of restaurants in Würzburg. Take a look here to find the ones your new colleagues recommend :)
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Schools Schools in Germany are mandatory and free of charge (if you don't choose a private school). Home schooling is illegal.

Most children start school the year they turn 6 years. They go to the "Grundschule" (elementary school) for the first 4 years.

Depending on their strengths and their school report, at the end of 4th grade they move to one of the following schools:

- Mittelschule (year 5-9 or 10)
- Realschule (year 5-10)
- Gymnasium (year 5-12)

Graduation from the Mittelschule/Realschule enables the young person to attend vocational college, start an apprenticeship or continue in a higher level school. Graduates of the Gymnasium can attend University.

You can find information about schools and make an appointment to see the school advisor (Schulberatung) in Würzburg here:
Services for city residents See CityHall
Sightseeing Explore the next pages for our tips:
Social insurance number You will receive a social insurance number from the German Pension Insurance (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) after being registered with the health insurance. You do not need to do this yourself. Keep this number in a safe place, as you will need it if you ever wish to claim a pension in Germany. It is important to keep all documents that you receive from this government office.
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Tax authority (IRS) Finanzamt

Address: Ludwigstr. 25, 97070 Würzburg

The German tax authority. When you register in Germany for the first time, you will receive your personal tax ID. (See Tax ID)
Tax Bracket There are 6 tax brackets in Germany, which are awarded depending on your marital status. The percentage of taxes deducted from your gross salary differs according to your tax bracket.
Tax ID About 10-18 days after being registered at the City Hall, you'll receive your Tax ID from the Tax Authority.

This Tax ID never changes, and is needed for your payslip (see also Tax bracket), so provide this ID to your HR Manager as soon as possible.
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Utilities When you rent an apartment, check to see if the utilities are included. Generally, energy costs for heating and warm water have to be paid in addition to the rental fee. (See E for Energy)
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Websites For more information about living and working in Germany, please visit the following (English) websites:
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