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Time & Attendance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Hubdrive's HR Power Extension Time & Attendance extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources with a complete solution for attendance and working hours.

Employees are able to track their attendance and working hours. Managers and HR can approve these time entries, create reports on the provided information and transfer the data to be processed in further systems.

Once you have made your purchase decision, all departments are directly able to work fully integrated. Data islands are eliminated and multiple data entries are avoided. Users have access to all necessary information from HR and other departments.

All tasks are completed in a standardized interface - simply use your Outlook, preferred browser or all common end devices.

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Complete Time & Attendance Solution

The HR Power Extension Time & Attendance provides all features needed to track, report and process your employees' attendance and working hours.

Employees can track their attendance using virtual or physical time clocks. Rules and regulations for breaks and working hours ensure compliance and work safety. Supervisors and HR get an overview of current attendances at any time, can report all data and adjust if needed.

Optionally, employees can track specific work items in time sheets to processes, projects, cost centers or other topics. These time sheets can be forwarded to supervisors for review and approval and then processed in other processes or systems (e.g. billing of project times to customers).

Standard integrations to common ERP systems as well as to the Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) module are available out-of-the-box.

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All highlights at a glance

The extension provides all important features needed:

  • Complete solution for tracking attendance and working hours
  • Integrated time control functions
  • Mandatory break rules
  • Rules and regulations for time bookings incl. maximum working hours
  • Time accounts and overtime hours
  • Current employee attendances at a glance
  • Time sheet capturing either on processes, projects, cost centers or other allocations
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overviews
  • Transfer of times and hours to payroll
  • Option to automatically book out incl. information to supervisors
  • Real-time dashboards and reports as well as export to Excel

Microsoft + Hubdrive = HR Excellence

Customers want to take advantage of the full potential of digital transformation in HR. That's why they have high expectations of their future HR solution. They expect complete functional support of all areas of HR, the complete elimination of data islands, and consideration of the specific needs of their country and their industry, and all ready to use shortly after the purchase decision.

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Hubdrive's HR Power Extensions enables the complete fulfillment of challenging customer expectations, all on foundations of Microsoft technology.

Office 365 with Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams and OneDrive further increase your productivity.

Find out how other customers in your industry increased their efficiency with the combination of Microsoft & Hubdrive in HR, while increasing employee comfort.

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Integrated work makes the difference

Hubdrive's HR Power Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is fully integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CDS Power Platform. The synchronization of data between all areas takes place automatically and in real time.

  • Applications from your website are automatically transferred to the recruiting module for example. Multiple data entries are eliminated.
  • If you decide to hire the applicant, he or she will be transferred to the HR department with just one click.
  • If you hire a sales person, his or her sales commission is automatically transferred to HR on a monthly basis in order to automatically prepare payroll accounting.
  • For all employees working in the Service department, the availability is updated directly from HR via absences (vacation, sickness, etc).

You work efficiently and there is no multiple data entry.

Technical Platform Integration

The HR Power Extensions from Hubdrive extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly AX CoreHR). The extensions are based on the Microsoft Power Platform to meet important customer requests:

  • Use of Microsoft Outlook by the end customer
  • Easy customizing of fields, forms, lists and workflows without programming
  • Efficient addition of functions with Power Apps
  • Automation and connection of third-party systems via Power Automate
  • Relevant reports with Power BI

An interface is used to synchronize the data between the AX SaaS Platform and the Power Platform (CDS).

Additionally, all standard Power Platform integrations for Office 365 are available, such as, the use of Word templates or the Excel import and export of data.

For customers that do not have an AX strategy or want to benefit from all advantages for their complete HR, there is an alternative: Dynamics HR Management, the complete HR solution, based completely on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform.

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