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Objectives and Key Results
in Microsoft Dynamics 365

OKR for Dynamics 365 extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the OKR Management Method. The solution is fully integrated with the Dynamics 365 business platform.

OKR is the innovative management method that helps companies embed an agile strategy execution process. Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Hubdrive have been using the OKR management system successfully throughout the company for many years.

The OKR Management Method

OKR is a management method that links the goals of the company with those of teams and employees.

The goals are defined in the OKR process for three months in the form of Objectives and Key Results. The objectives come from the strategy (top-down) as well as from teams and employees (bottom-up).

At the end of the three months, lessons are learned from the quarter and incorporated into the planning for the next quarter. This creates an ongoing regular process.

Corporate goals, objectives and key results

OKR is about creating a focus at the highest level through a few significant corporate goals and aligning the entire organization accordingly.

Each employee knows the measurable contribution (key results) to achieving the company's goals through their short-cycle defined goals (objectives). Strong employee involvement and a high level of agile working methodology promote identification with the goals throughout the entire organization. High transparency and intensive communication across departmental levels minimize conflicting goals and silo thinking.

As a manager, you have meaningful dashboards that show the status of all OKRs that are exciting for you in real time.

Implementation process

It is advisable to structure the implementation process during the year so that the team becomes more and more familiar with the planning process.

After the initial OKR planning in the previous year, the implementation starts within the first quarter as well as the progress assessment within the scope of weekly and monthly OKR reviews. At the end of the first quarter, new OKRs are already being developed so that they are available at the beginning of the second quarter if possible. The extent to which new OKRs have to be defined depends, of course, on the achievement of the OKRs for the 1st quarter. Subsequently, the implementation starts in the same way for the 2nd quarter.

OKRs help companies

  • Vision, mission and strategy with short-term operational planning
  • Create clarity about the most important tasks in the company
  • Find the right focus for the coming quarter next three months
  • Decide on the right use of scarce resources
  • Create transparency for employees so they can assess their contribution to the company's success
  • Establish better communication
  • Implement indicators to measure success

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