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HR Industry Templates available for the USA

Published on February 20, 2017

Hubdrive today announced that they now support Microsoft Dynamics 365 with industry templates for HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the United States of America. With an industry template, customers benefit from the advantages of a standardized HR solution combined with the advantages of a field-tested solution for their specific industry.

The demands in HR Management differ significantly depending on the industry. For example, the scheduling of seasonal workers in the agricultural sector has completely different requirements to that of the project assignment of consultants in the service industry.
With an Industry Template, HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is prepared for usage in specific industries. Customers can start out-of-the-box, using the experience of numerous customers in their industry, while avoiding costly implementation projects. All essential features for the challenges of HR in specific industries are compiled and pre-configured.

HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modular system which utilizes numerous features from Dynamics 365, Office 365, LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. Customers who use HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefit from a rise in productivity, employee motivation and retention.


No more expensive implementation projects. With these Industry Templates, customers can start to use their new HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution right out-of-the-box.

Ruediger Meyer,
Microsoft Global Partner Manager


Pre-Sales Consultants from Hubdrive work with global Microsoft account executives to provide HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a plug-and-play option for their clients. Customers can try out the HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Industry Solution for their industry in Microsoft AppSource.

Hubdrive is a globally active manufacturer of enterprise software based on the Microsoft Dynamics Business platform. We provide solutions worldwide for recruiting, HR management, Employee Self-service as well as Project Management and Time Tracking. The solutions are fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, LinkedIn, Talent and Microsoft Outlook.

Lynn Nothegger
Partner Channel Development Manager