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HR Power Extensions for Talent

Published on March 17, 2019

I am proud to announce the new HR Power Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. The HR Power Extensions extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. They provide additional HR features alongside Industry and Country Templates. The HR Power Extensions complete the product offering of Dynamics 365 for Talent to a comprehensive HR Management solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business platform. Microsoft Partners with a Dynamics 365 for Talent strategy will be empowered to offer their customers a disruptive vision of HR.

HR Power Extensions for Talent

Hubdrive's HR Power Extensions extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. The HR Power Extensions are a library of complementary HR apps alongside Industry and Country Templates.

Just like Dynamics 365 for Talent, all extensions have a modular structure and can be scaled as required. Customers can combine individual apps from Dynamics 365 for Talent and components of the HR Power Extensions for their specific needs.

Customers can install the HR Power Extensions locally in their company or use the software in the cloud. Independent from the chosen deployment option they have the option to either buy the solution or subscribe for a monthly fee.

The 3 Components of HR Power Extensions

1. HR Applications

The HR Power Extensions contain a collection of apps to extend the functionality of Dynamics 365 for Talent. They are available for all areas of HR - from recruiting and employee administration through to the digital employee file.

All apps of the HR Power Extensions can be individually selected and combined with Dynamics 365 for Talent. They are fully integrated so that users can work seamlessly with all data in a standardized interface out-of-the-box.

2. HR Country Templates

The HR Power Extensions country templates ensure that the HR solution is adapted out-of-the-box for the respective country of each customer. A customer in the USA expects to find a Veterans' Employment & Training Service – (Department of Labor, VETS 4212), while GDPR conformity is a must for customers in the EU. Generally, customers in every country would expect to find the local public holidays in the system out-of-the-box.

3. HR Industry Templates

The HR Power Extensions contain templates for the individual challenges of specific industries. For example, the scheduling of seasonal workers in the agricultural sector has completely different requirements to that of the project assignment of consultants in the service industry. Customers can immediately begin using the solution, with master data, Best Practice processes and workflows, specifically developed for the needs of the selected industry, available out-of-the-box.

Dynamics 365 + Talent + HR Power Extensions = Excellence

Customers want to take advantage of the full potential of digital transformation in HR. That's why they have high expectations of their future HR solution. They expect complete functional support of all areas of HR, the complete elimination of data islands, and consideration of the specific needs of their country and their industry, and all ready to use shortly after the purchase decision.

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics for Talent and the HR Power Extensions from Hubdrive enables the complete fulfillment of challenging customer expectations, all on foundations of Microsoft technology.

Technical Platform Integration

Hubdrive's HR Power Extensions for Dynamics 365 for Talent are fully integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics 365. Effortless synchronizing of data between Talent CoreHR, the apps of Hubdrive and the apps of Dynamics 365 takes place via CDS.

For example, sales commissions can first be calculated in Dynamics Sales Application and then processed in Hubdrive's HR Solution. Learn more

About Hubdrive

Hubdrive is the manufacturer of HR Management software in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business platform and the global HR competence center for the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we offer business software for recruiting, HR Management, employee self-service, as well as Project Management and Time and Attendance. Our solutions are used by more than 1000 small and medium-sized companies worldwide, as well as by international organizations, public authorities and NGOs.

As global competence center for HR Management in the Microsoft ecosystem, we assist Microsoft employees and Dynamics Partners who wish to empower their customers in talent and human resource management. We offer worldwide marketing and sales expertise and best practices.

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Franziskus Lorey
CEO Hubdrive