All good things come in threes

Published on March 08, 2022

New HR software costs money and time, since processes have to be adapted and employees trained. Sounds like more effort than benefit? That's wrong!
Find out why the benefits outweigh the effort in all areas and how HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will make (working) life much easier - not only for your HR department, but for all employees.
You can use HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to handle the most important processes of your HR department and employees in just one solution and with your familiar Microsoft applications. Sounds incredible? But it's true!
Of course, there are countless reasons why HR Management for Dynamics can be a true asset to your business. However, we would like to present our personal top 3 below:

1. Find suitable applicants quickly and efficiently

Which HR department is not familiar with the problem: There is a need but it takes a long time to find suitable candidates for the position. This is because the job advertisement must first be written, approved and then laboriously published on a wide variety of job portals. Then you have to wait a long time for the applications to arrive by mail or e-mail. From now on, this can be a thing of the past.
Use templates for your job ads, publish them with a few clicks on job portals or your own recruiting portal directly on your own website. Arrange appointments with interesting candidates more quickly, since all information is already entered in your system and everyone involved has access to it. And have uncomplicated initial meetings with interesting candidates via Microsoft Teams.
With HR for Dynamics, you can shorten all tedious processes and significantly reduce the amount of work and time spent on recruiting for you and the candidates with the following functions:

  • Position planning and approval process
  • Integration to job portals and multi-posters like LinkedIn, Stepstone, XING, Broadbean etc.
  • Applicant management including automated communication
  • CV Parsing with Textkernel
  • Talent search & applicant pools
  • Application duplicate detection
  • Online Interviews via Office 365 Teams
  • Creation of offers including digital signature (DocuSign, AdobeSign)
  • Realtime data analysis via dashboards
  • GDPR Compliance

2. Go Green

Can't see the forest for the trees or your office for the files? Well, that's finally over now.
With HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can say goodbye to countless files and chaotic paperwork. Digitize many of your processes quickly and easily.
You can easily create and sign documents electronically. Here, too, document authenticity and security can be ensured, of course: for example, as soon as documents are signed, they are automatically write-protected to prevent changes after the fact. Versioning and change management also contribute to document security. Signed documents are automatically filed in the appropriate folder structure. No printing and filing necessary!
From applicant to employee without paperwork? No problem. With just a few clicks, it's all done automatically in a single solution. And the new employee doesn't cause any paper chaos either: Whether it's contact data, everything for payroll preparation or work equipment such as a laptop or company car - with the digital personnel file, you have everything in view centrally in one place and no longer have to rummage through files.
Das spart bei allen Beteiligten Zeit und Papier, da auch die Finanzbuchhaltung direkt Zugriff auf genehmigte Ausgaben hat.
For many employees, trade fairs and business trips are the highlights of the year, but the preparation and follow-up is usually very time-consuming and complicated. It doesn't have to stay that way. With the Travel & Expenses module, you can easily create your trips and associated tasks yourself. During and after the trip you can enter receipts - simply via PC or via cell phone with a photo. The supervisor can thus also approve the expenses with just a few clicks. This saves time and paper for everyone involved, as financial accounting also has direct access to approved expenses.
Digitizing your HR processes can therefore save working time for the really important tasks and conserve resources. This not only makes you and your company happy, but also the environment. .

3. (More) Satisfied Employees

Let's be honest: for most employees, just routine paperwork is just an annoying evil at work. By using HR for Dynamics, you can save yourself and your employees a lot of time and nerves when processing administrative tasks.
No matter if a new employee is hired or a long-time colleague moves, the change of contact data can be done quickly and easily directly in the digital personnel file and without long detours through the HR department, directly by the employee himself!
The wanderlust grips you but you do not know how much remaining vacation you have? With just a few clicks, every employee can view their remaining vacation entitlement themselves, submit a new vacation request and have it approved by their manager with just as little effort.
Time tracking has also never been so easy! Whether in the office on the PC, online on the go on the cell phone, via the time recording tool, a virtual time clock, via Outlook or your favorite browser in the home office: You can view your working time from anywhere and always keep track of over- and underbookings and know exactly when it's time for the well-deserved end of the day.
And one more absolute highlight at the end: You don't have to remember 10 different passwords for all the different programs anymore, from now on your Microsoft password is enough for all HR functions and self-services!

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Vanessa Redlin