Strategic Co-operation

May 31

SIEVERS-SNC GmbH and itara GmbH announce the integration of their respective project management solution software based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In the context of a development and distribution partnership, the SIEVERS SNC, Osnabrueck, and the itara GmbH, Wuerzburg, have announced the integration of their project management solution software. During the CeBIT, Marco Naber (CEO SIEVERS-SNC) and Franziskus Lorey (CEO itara) decided the integration of content and technology of their hitherto independent software solutions; the integration was implemented as of June 1, 2010.

In Future, the solutions Sievers Projektmanagement and itara CRM-Project will be marketed as the integrated standard product "CRM-Project, the 4th Module For Professional Project Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM". SIEVERS-SNC will be an itara distribution partner for CRM-Project and will supply the solution at 7 sites in Germany.

What does that mean for you as a prospective customer or client?

  • Sophisticated planning functionalities of the SIEVERS-SNC solution are integrated with the established itara time clocking, project management and billing functionalities resulting in professional project management within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • The 7 branches of the Sievers Group throughout Germany enable us to provide personal service near you.
  • The co-operation extends your investment protection

The market and innovation edge of this solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is further expanded.