10 exciting reasons why you should join our team at Hubdrive

Hi, we are Franziskus & Bernd, the owners of Hubdrive. We want to give you some additional information about our company which might be helpful to you while you are considering applying to work here.

We relish the challenges of digital transformation and want to change the world together. This passion drives everyone at Hubdrive to make the world a better place every day.

We need and want people with hands-on mentality and passion for what they do. People for whom a job is not just a job, but who want to make a difference.

If this passion suits you, then take a look at our career pages to find a suitable challenge for your next career move.

1. Open-Ended Contract, Performance Based Salary and Flexible Working Hours

Do you need to nip out at 11 am for a couple of hours to sort out official paperwork? No need to waste a vacation day. We have flexible working hours. The compatibility of family, children and work is essential to us.

In addition to a secure salary, all employees, up to and including senior executives, also have an additional variable bonus, which they determine through their performance.

Continuity is vital to us, in our dealings with customers, our partners and, of course, our employees. We offer open-ended employment contracts. Additional security comes from our sustained growth.

2. Financial Advantages

Just a few examples of the financial benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • We pay your flight to global conferences that you attend - that's a given. If you want to combine business with a vacation or extend your trip over the weekend, then your flight is already paid.
  • Many of our employees have a train discount ticket (Bahncard 50). You can use this for private travel.
  • We've arranged special rates with companies in Würzburg, e.g. with the gym around the corner from the office.
  • We provide Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other software licenses for private PC use.
  • And so much more

3. Structured Onboarding

Every employee starts with a standardized onboarding. It consists of approx. 20 training modules. You attend these training courses together with other colleagues who started at Hubdrive at the same time. Building on this, you will receive onboarding that is personally tailored to you and your role. During the whole onboarding process, your mentor will accompany you.

We also take care of time with colleagues from other departments to get to know each other better and let you become part of the team.

An invitation from the management to lunch is also an integral part of onboarding.

4. Individual Career Development and Training

Every person is unique, and every individual has their strengths and skill sets. We promote your strengths so that we can take the next career step with you. In regular discussions, we review your career plan and define sustainable measures. We have budgets in place to cover external training, and we provide time for internal training.

In addition to training according to your job and position and personal development training, you will also have the opportunity to attend national and international trade fairs and conferences.

5. Informal Start Up Atmosphere and Culture of Mistakes

We are all on a first name basis. It's not necessary to come to work in a smart suit or pantsuit. You are only a minute away from a quick chat with management level, right up to the CEO. Just reach out!

It's crucial for us to allow mistakes. We speak openly about mistakes and encourage this. Why? In our disruptive digital environment, we need to continually experiment, discard, redesign, improve and scale. Without mistakes, we would stagnate. We seek to make new mistakes, not repeat the same ones!

6. Modern Workstation, Relaxed Environment and Postal Service

Every employee has their own working space, which is equipped according to their needs, using the newest technologies. Starting with the ergonomic office chair and up-to-date mobile laptops, with Microsoft Teams for Video Conferences, and everything in the Cloud to enable flexible and mobile working.

Free soft drinks, a modern coffee machine, a fully equipped kitchen filled with snacks, and a comfortable lounge area provide an inviting space for lunch, a quick creative discussion or just to fill up on coffee. Apparently there is even a tap with free draught beer. Hmm… not so surprising, given that our office is in Bavaria, home of Oktoberfest!

Don't worry about receiving postal packages while you are at work. Just have it delivered to the office and save the time you'd waste going to the post office to pick it up.

7. Team Events

We draw a large part of our success from the passion, productivity and spirit of working in teams. This is critical to us. To keep it that way, we like to sponsor team events that focus on fun and team building.

The last few years there have been barbecues, team training in the great outdoors, participation in marathons, evening events in small teams, Hubdrive collective sports viewing and much more.

Learn more: Team Event Inspiration

8. Work with Satisfied Customers

Our vision is to empower people and organizations around the world to reap the benefits of digital transformation. We make working life easier for all employees and simultaneously increase productivity.

This is what our customers value. We enjoy talking to satisfied customers every day and providing ongoing support for their challenges.

If customer praise and appreciation drives you, then maybe you are the candidate we are looking for.

Learn more here

We particularly enjoy working with charities and NGOs.

9. International Relocation Support

We help you move to Würzburg and to feel comfortable right from your first day here. We will help you with words and deeds because we can imagine what it feels like to arrive alone in a foreign country and culture. We support you with the tenancy agreement for your new apartment, visits to the authorities, and generally help you find your feet in your new home and much more.

10. Cultural Diversity

What makes us, Franziskus and Bernd, particularly enthusiastic and even a little proud, is the diversity of cultures. You will get to know fascinating colleagues from around the globe and make new and enriching experiences. Your future colleagues come from the USA, Scotland, Holland, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Egypt, India and of course, Germany.

When we gather in the kitchen for lunch, it's is lovely to see, smell and sometimes taste the meals that colleagues have brought from home. We often go home with a new recipe. We look, as the Germans say 'beyond our own plate', both literally and figuratively.


Do you feel like you want to know more? Would you like to become a Hubdriver?

Then take a look at our current vacancies or contact me if you have any questions. My name is Lisa, and I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Lisa Meyer
Beethovenstrasse 5
97080 Würzburg

Tel.: +49 (931) 660-8410
Mail: join.the.team@Hubdrive.com