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1. Application

You've discovered an interesting position that matches your strengths? Then apply to us with your CV at It's quick and easy.

Our recruitment team will assess your application and get in touch with you within a couple of days.

2. Video Interview

In our experience, both sides have plenty of questions to ask. In a video interview, we'll have a first meeting, get a first impression of each other, and discuss all unanswered questions.

3. Face-to-Face meeting at our HQ

The next step is to get to know the Hubdrive team on site at our headquarters. You should allow four hours for this meeting. You'll talk to our HR team, your potential Team Leader and a couple of your future colleagues. That's how we'll get a good impression of each other.

In an assessment we better identify your strengths, so that we can assign your ideal tasks, that bring you success and happiness.

4. Career Plan and Contract Details

We send you the contract details and your career plan. We clarify any open questions online.

5. Become a Hubdriver

In a second face-to-face meeting at the Hubdrive HQ we discuss the last details and sign the contract and the career plan.

With this final step, you are a Hubdriver! Congratulations!

6. Welcome

A short time later, it's time. Your mentor greets you on your first day and accompanies you as your coach during the upcoming Onboarding process.